Monthly Archives: August 2010

Brilliant Bookmarks

So, Carrie and I used to be Stampin’ Up consultants together…some of you know that…others may be like, what?  Well we put that love aside for now and it’s all about sewing these days.  So, I was cleaning out the Stampin’ Up stuff and found a whole bunch of paperclips that we bought for our […]

My baby is how old?

I know…I’m still in denial…she turned 5 earlier this month, but I still can’t believe it!  It has become a tradition for my girls to have a shirt to wear for the year (maybe just the summer) that has the number of their age on it.  Here is my sweet Sarah with the shirt I […]

SEW ExCitEd!

Well…it’s official…I have a label.  It was designed by my awesome brother-in-law, Daniel, and was printed by Jennifer’s Jewels.  I am just sooo excited!  This is the first thing I have sewn a label into.  Check it out: Until now, the skirts and Pj’s I’ve made have had no indication as to what is the […]

Pajama post overload!!!

So I thought I better go ahead and post some pictures of the pj’s with the ruffle at the bottom…I kinda teased my dear friend, Abby, and can’t be a meanie for too long. 🙂  So not only will you see the ruffle at the bottom pj’s but pretty much pictures of most of the […]

Funky laces

So my niece, Hannah, loves to wear All-Star sneakers…we actually bought her the white pair she still wears.  Before that she had a pair that she had made very colorful with her own art work.  She is a very talented artist…not just on shoes of course!  Any hoo…she turned 16 this month and I decided […]