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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?

Halloween costumes in my day were the best when they were homemade….otherwise you were sweating in your plastic mask and printed plastic “clothes”.  I am lucky to have children that feel that way too.  It helps to have their little hands helping me make them as well.  We decided on a few swimming noodles to […]

Owls are so In!

So lately it’s mustaches and owls.  Not together…that would be interesting.  Grace, my god daughter, has had another birthday…crazy…it happens every year!  I made her one of the sleepover pillow cases in the post about my girl going to camp and this cute little across the body bag.   I saw it on Pinterest and […]

Pajama post overload!!!

So I thought I better go ahead and post some pictures of the pj’s with the ruffle at the bottom…I kinda teased my dear friend, Abby, and can’t be a meanie for too long. 🙂  So not only will you see the ruffle at the bottom pj’s but pretty much pictures of most of the […]