Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cover up!

For my birthday, my sister and her family came to visit for the weekend.  She and I are 3 days apart on birth dates and almost exactly 5 years apart in age (my parents had birthday week in the house when we were growing up…and right after Christmas…lucky them!)  The visit was pretty low key […]

Christmas gifts

So here are a few of the things I made on my 8th days in November and December to give to my family. My girls have been adorning their bedroom doors with taped up pieces of paper and fabric (yes…fabric) for almost a year.  Well…Merry Christmas to me…I mean them…I made them these painted canvases […]

More for your house to be happy about!

Sorry for the delay between postings…it’s always a struggle at the holidays.  I either don’t have time to post or want to post but it’s a gift for someone and it has to wait!  I’ve been on a kick of making door decor for the different seasons/holidays.  Check out my new bling for my front […]