Monthly Archives: August 2011

Car seat organizer tutorial

Ta Da!  Hey Mom!  Look what I made!  That’s totally what I feel like screaming about these babies…cuz I did this all by myself!  It feels amazing creating something from scratch!  I’ve done it a million times with ingredients for food, but with fabric!?!  Too cool!  I hope you can find some time to organize […]

That’s a purty fish

My sweet Sarah wanted nothing more than to hold a fish for her birthday…so we had a fishing party at my sister’s house.  I cut and shaped this fish cake out of a 9×13 sheet of cake and added fruit by the foot roll up strips to make the scales.  I usually leave these kinds […]

Fabric worth Photographing

I love getting yummy new fabric!  The store where I bought this was kinda on my bad side at first, but yummy fabric can always turn a frown upside down…I know, cheesy, huh?!?  I can’t wait to use this though and I know just who I’m going to use it for!!!  Give you a hint…nah! […]

Six is where it’s at

My sweet baby girl turned 6 this month…I can’t believe it.  She is so proud to be six and talks about “when I was five” like it was already ages ago!  So silly…I just love it!  Here’s my baby doll in the silly, sassy, super 6 pajamas I made for her.  (and no…you’re not crazy, […]

Mini me

Sarah created a stuffed doll on my sewing machine.  I bought the kit at Walmart of all places!  She had a blast cutting out the pattern pieces and stuffing her, then sewing her shut all by herself!  She did get a little bit bored with the kit and I ended up finishing her clothes and […]