Monthly Archives: June 2011


      The girls are just loving going to the pool!  I’ve got a couple of fish on my hands!  When I first started sewing I appliqued towels for a few family members as gifts and Megan promptly requested one for herself.  Better late than never…I found these kid sized towels in the dollar […]

This needs a little somethin’

My little girl, Sarah, has become a little…shall we say…spoiled by my recently acquired sewing skill.  She was going on a DaddyDaughter date to a baseball game this weekend and Daddy picked out a white t-shirt, shorts and baseball cap for her to wear.  Well…anything that is plain, like the white t-shirt just mentioned, is […]

Super Silly Sassy 6 pajamas

Our little friend, Sophie, turned 6 in May.  I found this super sweet fabric that was all about being 6 and made her a pair of Pj’s and shirt to go with.  (Are you seeing a pattern here people…Pj’s are my go to gift).  Anyway, I was talking to her mom and she said they […]