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Covered Clothes Pins Tutorial

One of my favorite places for ideas of what to do with my kids is FamilyFun Magazine.  On one of the pages there was a picture of someone’s kids eating dinner at the table with their spelling words propped in front of them in picture stands…and then I thought of this:  Here is an itty […]

Car seat organizer tutorial

Ta Da!  Hey Mom!  Look what I made!  That’s totally what I feel like screaming about these babies…cuz I did this all by myself!  It feels amazing creating something from scratch!  I’ve done it a million times with ingredients for food, but with fabric!?!  Too cool!  I hope you can find some time to organize […]

Beautiful Basil

I decided to create a small herb/fruit garden in my back yard this year. The cilantro was wonderful while it lasted.  My strawberries were sweet but tiny.  My blueberries never came to be and my rosemary might be sick…it has freckles.  My basil, however, is just beautiful!   I have been driving my friends crazy […]


I took a Yoga class with a good friend of mine and saw some pretty cool ways to carry your mat to class when I was there.  I know, I was supposed to be there for my health, not for sewing ideas…but I can’t help myself.  Now that I have learned to sew, I look […]