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Megan the Mustache Master

So…this is my daughter, Megan.  She LoVEs Mustache paraphenalia! It all started when my niece announced that we would be dying Easter eggs while wearing fake mustaches this past year…and now, everywhere you look…there’s mustaches on jewelry, wallets, Tervis tumblers even!  Trend setters?!?!! Before all the rage…I thought I’d be a cool mom and make […]

Of mice and little men

There’s a little boy I know and love that loves mice more than anything.  His mommy found this fabulous fabric that had parachuting mice on it and I made him some pajama’s with it.  The shirt is appliquéd mice with ribbon tails.  If I had more energy/time…I would’ve tried to make one parachuting but decided […]

Christmas gifts

So here are a few of the things I made on my 8th days in November and December to give to my family. My girls have been adorning their bedroom doors with taped up pieces of paper and fabric (yes…fabric) for almost a year.  Well…Merry Christmas to me…I mean them…I made them these painted canvases […]

Operation Santa Claus

My oldest and dearest friend holds an event in her home to wrap gifts for the mentally challenged population in her area.  This is the second annual Operation Santa Claus event and I was so blessed to be a part of it.  She organizes getting wish lists from the ARC and dividing them up amongst […]

Little ones sewing

  We decided that we were doing a semi-homemade costume for Halloween this year and that we would need fabulous trick or treat bags to go with it.  I picked a very simple pattern in a book I purchased and thought I’d see how far I could get without “doing it for them”…and surprisingly we […]