My baby is how old?

I know…I’m still in denial…she turned 5 earlier this month, but I still can’t believe it!  It has become a tradition for my girls to have a shirt to wear for the year (maybe just the summer) that has the number of their age on it.  Here is my sweet Sarah with the shirt I made for her:

She’s so beautiful!  Carrie used to be “bugged” by me and then my girls to make these for their birthdays…but since she has shown me how, I seem to have been passed down that responsibility.  Here’s a close up of the details, sorry the color is weird…I took it outside on an apparently grey day.

I love this fabric!  I asked Sarah to pick out which number 5 she liked on a sheet of paper that I printed a bunch of them on from our computer fonts.  This is the one she chose and I think it worked fantastically with this fabric and the way the stitch I used makes the fabric unravel a bit on the edges.  She loves it.  She was in her room the next day putting clothes in the dresser and promptly handed me her “4” shirt saying, “I can’t wear this one anymore…people will think I’m 4!”  Such a big girl!

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