signs, signs, everywhere signs

My sister in law…we will refer to as Crafty Carrie ūüôā has decided on sign painting as her latest greatest feat and she has nailed it! ¬†She has inspired me to give it a try and let me tell you…it’s addicting! ¬†I made the 2 signs below and 3 more since then! Easy to do if you have a great program on the computer to put in the fonts and size everything up…otherwise just time consuming and therapeutic all at the same time.


This is the one I made my niece who loves summer and the beach. ¬†I used a piece of sandpaper to make it appear weathered. ¬†Below is the countdown sign that I made for another niece to use to countdown the days to anything she’s excited about. ¬†It’s painted with chalkboard paint.



How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?

Halloween costumes in my day were the best when they were homemade….otherwise you were sweating in your plastic mask and printed plastic “clothes”. ¬†I am lucky to have children that feel that way too. ¬†It helps to have their little hands helping me make them as well. ¬†We decided on a few swimming noodles to fashion the lollipop and good ole fabric and thread to make an owl.


Owls are so In!

So lately it’s mustaches and owls. ¬†Not together…that would be interesting. ¬†Grace, my god daughter, has had another birthday…crazy…it happens every year! ¬†I made her one of the sleepover pillow cases in the post about my girl going to camp and this cute little across the body bag.


I saw it on Pinterest and there is a pattern you can buy to make one of your own if you go to her link. ¬†I like to do things a little last minute and didn’t have time for a pattern process so I just drew out the shape I wanted on freezer paper and fussy cut the eyes out of a coordinating fabric I had instead of trying to make the cute eyes she has on her owl bag. ¬†I think it’s adorable! ¬†Especially with the corduroy fabric. ¬†I am planning on making my daughter one as a Christmas present since she thinks owls are a “hoot” as well. ¬†Sorry…had to go there.

Sleep Away Camp

This was the summer that I grew up enough to let my little girl go to sleep over camp. ¬†It was a little easier to let her go since it was through our church and it was only a partial week. ¬†Who knew growing up could be so hard!!! Talking about me still…she was absolutely fine!

I had to equip my girl with some 8th day camp gear, so I made her a toiletry bag with hobo draw strings:


And I made her a sleep over pillowcase:


This has turned into a cute little birthday gift idea for friends as well!  This is how it works:


This is the side you rest your little head on (above).  And this is how you carry it (below).


You can slip your favorite blankie inside with the pillow and button it up so it won’t get out when you’re not looking. ¬†You can also place your favorite book in the zipper pocket or if you’re going to a friend’s house you could just slip your toothbrush and change of clothes in here.

And this is how you break your mama’s heart¬† grow up and go off to camp:


Megan the Mustache Master

Megan the Mustache Master

So…this is my daughter, Megan. ¬†She LoVEs Mustache paraphenalia! It all started when my niece announced that we would be dying Easter eggs while wearing fake mustaches this past year…and now, everywhere you look…there’s mustaches on jewelry, wallets, Tervis tumblers even! ¬†Trend setters?!?!!

Before all the rage…I thought I’d be a cool mom and make her and her bunk mate at camp a mustache t-shirt. See below: