Monthly Archives: July 2010

Equinox Run To Finish

I know…you’re probably like, “what the heck kind of title is that!”  In January 2009 we added a little more fuzz to our family…our Australian Shepherd, Equinox Run To Finish…or Finn for short.  He’s a dog from the Equinox kennel, hence the first part of his name.  The rest of it, Run To Finish is […]

Spreadin’ the LOVE

For most holidays, I buy my kids a t-shirt to wear…you know the kind with a shamrock on it for St. Patrick’s day or a pumpkin for Halloween.  Well this year I decided they would have their own original Valentine’s day shirts and here is what I came up with. Left: Megan, Center: Ella, Right: […]

Feel the Love

Wow…I feel so loved!  Thank you all for the support, encouraging words, and requests to have one of your own (in your size!).  I’m so happy you all have enjoyed the blog so far and hope you enjoy the rest of the ride! 🙂  I’ll try to post another 8th day creation soon, but I […]

The Giving Machine

Okay…I think I can handle the “glimpses”(see first post to understand)…I mean, afterall, you are my family so you’re kind of contractually obligated to love me and be kind to me.  So here’s my next post. I kind of got the bug after doing that first applique.  I mean, really…I couldn’t stop thinking of things […]