Monthly Archives: April 2011

A gift for…

One of the many things I love about sewing is making gifts for other people.  Giving something handmade seems like such a lost art these days.  I don’t know, maybe the recipient of the gifts would prefer something made in China sometimes but having the ability to turn out some pretty cool gifts has been […]

Our own creations

Do you remember doodling when you were a kid?  Maybe you still doodle during a meeting or while on the phone.  I used to doodle all the time…usually about my crush on a boy or my BFF!  Well, Megan has decided that this is the coolest thing lately and came up with the above doodle. […]

Hippity Hoppity…Easter’s on it’s way!

Last year, I offered a pair of hand made PJ’s at the girl’s school auction.  The little girl that won is a big fan of bunnies!  I used soft flannel to make the bunny and hand stitched the eyes and nose. The PJ bottoms were made of a soft flannel as well with a ruffled […]

Road Trip!

This is adorable…c’mon, I’m not tooting my own horn…it just is!  It’s a drawing pad with crayon pockets on the front cover!  My sister in law made these for the craft fair and sold tons of them!  I made these for Sarah’s classroom basket theme “road trip”. I had just a little bit of trouble […]

Picnic anyone?

I’m not sure what your weather has been like this week…but it has been beautiful here!  Perfect for a picnic (sans pollen of course).  These napkins were actually made for a fundraiser for Megan’s classroom.  Every class was assigned a theme “basket” and the parents were to provide something for the basket.  It was then […]