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Ding! Dong! Doggie Doorbell

I just had to post a picture of our puppy, Chase.   Oh, he’s so stinkin’ cute!  He’s sitting next to my version of the doggie doorbell.  It’s a way for the dogs to let us know they need to go out. They touch the bells with their nose to let you know they need […]

Prada for the Pooch

So I told you I was making something for the mama dog that I made the puppy collars for.  I don’t normally toot my own horn…but I have to say…I feel like I really accomplished something with this project.  It was my first time trying something on my own without a pattern and I was […]

Yummy Fabric

I thought I would tease you a little bit…if you don’t like it…too bad…gonna do it anyway! 🙂  I have been asked to make some puppy collars for my Uncle John’s litter his Golden Retriever is expecting mid October.  So not knowing how many boys and how many girls he will end up with, we […]

Equinox Run To Finish

I know…you’re probably like, “what the heck kind of title is that!”  In January 2009 we added a little more fuzz to our family…our Australian Shepherd, Equinox Run To Finish…or Finn for short.  He’s a dog from the Equinox kennel, hence the first part of his name.  The rest of it, Run To Finish is […]