Monthly Archives: July 2011

Moments with Mom

I grew up in Maryland surrounded by my entire family on my Mom’s side.  And that’s saying alot…My mom is one of 8 kids and practically all of her siblings have had children as well…and then they have had kids…you get the point.  5 years ago we moved and it was quite an adjustment for […]

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake

You know that amazing friend that I spoke of in my previous post?  Well, Angela is quite the baker and is raising a little baker protege, Holden.  He turned 3 this month and for his birthday present I created the above apron for him complete with cookie and cupcake pockets.  Good enough to eat!  Take […]

The beauty of fabric

As you already have heard…My Megan was completely selfless for her birthday this year, so I wanted to reward that behavior with something big.  Our girls decided earlier this year to switch rooms in the house…Megan wanted something a little more “art-y” and wanted me to re-paint her beach themed room and change out all […]

Special Delivery

Babies…gotta love um!  They are just so soothing when they are infants aren’t they?  They sleep and are so soft and have such little tiny features that it makes you stop a minute and marvel at the miracle that they are.  There are several new babies that entered this world recently that I am either […]

Her Giving Heart

Once Megan realized how good giving made her feel…she ran with it!  For her birthday this year she ran a lemonade stand to raise money for poor children in Guatemala.  It was amazing!  The idea came to us through an organization called Lemonade International that supports a slum in Guatemala City called La Limonada.  When […]