Monthly Archives: February 2011

TASTY treats!

Who doesn’t love a cupcake?!!?  I mean, seriously!  Megan seems to think she isn’t a fan, but she’s only 7…she has time to fall in love still.  We had much to celebrate at work this past week…2 birthdays and a friend returning to work from a sad personal leave of absence.  What better to celebrate […]

love crafts

My daughters both love crafts…thank goodness!  I mean, what would they do with a mother like me if they didn’t!  Likewise, what would my husband do with a wife like me if he didn’t love eating sweets…uh, well…maybe I should worry a little more about the reason for his New Year’s resolution this year to […]

I love you today

Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that…well…I don’t know…I think it’s kinda silly.  There I said it.  I know…I loved it when I was a kid and our classroom had a Valentine party and I picked out the best valentine for that boy I had a crush on but now as an adult…I think […]

Too early to think about Easter?

Last year, I made these dresses for my girls to wear on Easter.  While they turned out cute, they weren’t my favorite project.  I get aggravated with the figuring out of how big around it needs to be to fit their chest and where the straps need to be placed so they’re not too close […]

Reading is Fun

My 7 year old isn’t a believer just yet in the phrase “Reading is Fun!” so we’ve been trying different things to get her interested.  We made a new year’s resolution to read 10 minutes a day together (I needed to sit down and read just as much as she did).  We have met with […]