Monthly Archives: May 2011

Gifts for our Teachers

The end of the school year is coming this Friday for my girls.  They are so excited for the summer and all the fun they will have at Camp Gg and Camp Auntie Carrie and Camp YMCA.  Last year as a token of our appreciation for their teachers dedication and caring all year, I made […]

Retro crafts

My niece had an 80’s themed party…we’re talking full on 80’s!  Neon, shirts off the shoulder, leg warmers, color spray for your hair…totally tubular, rad and not grody to the max!  During the party the guests were given several retro craft projects. Paint splatter goodie bags that were later filled with Razzles, a rubik’s cube, […]

A Rockin’ present for a rockin’ girl

My niece, Alyssa, turned 10 this year.  She told my sister that she needed me to add another ice cream scoop to the shirt I made her last year when she turned nine.  Instead, she received a new set of Pj’s and a matching pillowcase.  She loves Elvis (she’s genetically inclined to as her daddy is […]

my mom

Okay, so I might be a little early with this post since next week is Mother’s day, but today is just a fitting day to post something special about my mom.  One year ago today, my mom said her last I love you to her mom.  It’s been a really hard year for her and […]

Bowling for Bunnies

These little cuties were for my girls for Easter.  I intended on giving each one a face but in the end…I think they look cute faceless all the same.  The pattern came from a sewing calendar my daughter gave to her Auntie Carrie for Christmas.  You can see the bunnies Carrie made here. The ears […]