Monthly Archives: December 2011

Cold hands…warm heart

I love this idea!  It came from a post I found on Pinterest of course!  I used scrap fleece to cut 2 hearts.  My daughters sewed a decorative button to one side then I stitched them together leaving a gap along one straight side.  The girls added uncooked rice to them and I stitched them […]

Operation Santa Claus

My oldest and dearest friend holds an event in her home to wrap gifts for the mentally challenged population in her area.  This is the second annual Operation Santa Claus event and I was so blessed to be a part of it.  She organizes getting wish lists from the ARC and dividing them up amongst […]

Did that say…zipper?

My sewing experience thus far has been all about avoiding patterns with zippers.  I’m not sure why…it just seemed daunting to me.  I would read it and see the word zipper and immediately move on.  Then I would get to the point where I would at least dream about making it anyway, but with some […]

Fall is my Favorite

I know…it’s a bit late…I was very, very busy this past month.  I have lots to show you though!  These little beauties sat on my front porch during the fall season!  I actually had one more fabric I was going to use and never got around to making it.  It’s outdoor fabric so it held […]