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signs, signs, everywhere signs

My sister in law…we will refer to as Crafty Carrie 🙂 has decided on sign painting as her latest greatest feat and she has nailed it!  She has inspired me to give it a try and let me tell you…it’s addicting!  I made the 2 signs below and 3 more since then! Easy to do […]

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?

Halloween costumes in my day were the best when they were homemade….otherwise you were sweating in your plastic mask and printed plastic “clothes”.  I am lucky to have children that feel that way too.  It helps to have their little hands helping me make them as well.  We decided on a few swimming noodles to […]

Craziness!!! I was featured on OnePrettyThing!

SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2011 4:00PM PST  *Make a fabric wrap belt with Craft Buds.*Create hidden names wall art with Dollar Store Crafts.*Assemble a wire coffee table with Lowe’s Creative Ideas.*Sew a car seat organizer with 8th Day Creations.    Do you see what that says?  Read the last sentence!  I was featured on another blog for […]

Fabric worth Photographing

I love getting yummy new fabric!  The store where I bought this was kinda on my bad side at first, but yummy fabric can always turn a frown upside down…I know, cheesy, huh?!?  I can’t wait to use this though and I know just who I’m going to use it for!!!  Give you a hint…nah! […]

Her Giving Heart

Once Megan realized how good giving made her feel…she ran with it!  For her birthday this year she ran a lemonade stand to raise money for poor children in Guatemala.  It was amazing!  The idea came to us through an organization called Lemonade International that supports a slum in Guatemala City called La Limonada.  When […]