Pajama post overload!!!

So I thought I better go ahead and post some pictures of the pj’s with the ruffle at the bottom…I kinda teased my dear friend, Abby, and can’t be a meanie for too long. 🙂  So not only will you see the ruffle at the bottom pj’s but pretty much pictures of most of the pj’s I have made!  Are you ready to be overloaded?  Here it goes:

These were made for my niece Alyssa.  Here’s the detail of the shirt below:

sorry about those harsh shadows in the picture…kinda makes him look mean 😦

These were made for my nephew, Nic.  He once owned a frog named, Sticky, so I made him a tree frog on the shirt that I eye-ball drew from the shower curtain in his bathroom…is that a real term…eye-balled?  Here’s the close up of the shirt:

These were made for AND BY my niece, Sabrina.  She assisted in the pajama pants making and did the flower applique on her shirt.  I think she did a fantastic job!  Too bad I didn’t realize you need more fabric when you’re making pj’s with a butt side and a front side!  They look good…but didn’t feel real good.  Anyone without a butt looking for a pair of flannel Pj’s?

These were made for my nephew, Luke.  He has a surfer/beach room and I thought he’d like to match his decor as he sleeps! 😉  Here’s the detail of the shirt:

The great thing about these shirts is…they don’t have to be pajama shirts!  I use regular ole t-shirts to make them.

These were made for Wendy’s little girl, Sophie.  I realized after they were cut that I didn’t pay much mind to the direction of the fabric.  Luckily, my 5 year old recipient bought the story about the sea horses all wanting to do cartwheels on her pants!  Here’s the detail of the shirt:

Lastly…the ruffle bottom Pj’s…in 3 styles:

What an adorable model!  Don’t you think?  Here’s the detail of the ruffle:

It was super easy to make!  It’s a folded piece of fabric, a basting stitch and a little muscle to get it all ruffled up!  Here’s the detail to her chocolate dipped strawberry shirt:

These are the 3 little pigs.  Megan picked out this fabric and wanted a pair of matching Pj’s with her cousin.  Sarah decided she liked them so much she wanted some too…uh-oh…I didn’t buy enough fabric!  Therefore, my first attempt at Pj shorts.  I don’t have a detailed picture of the pigs for some reason…I’ll try to insert it at a later date if I can get one taken (the girls are forever wearing these Pj’s).  They each have a little difference in detail though.  Sarah’s has one ear up and one down and has a ribbon “tied” around one ear.  The other 2 just differ in expression.

These were made for my niece, Ella.  Having deja vu?  These have the ruffle bottom and instead of the whole owl, I made just the head.  Here’s the detail of the shirt:

So there you have it!  My pajama rama overloaded post! fwew…I’m beat…I think I’ll go put on my Pj’s and get to bed!

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