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Six is where it’s at

My sweet baby girl turned 6 this month…I can’t believe it.  She is so proud to be six and talks about “when I was five” like it was already ages ago!  So silly…I just love it!  Here’s my baby doll in the silly, sassy, super 6 pajamas I made for her.  (and no…you’re not crazy, […]

Super Silly Sassy 6 pajamas

Our little friend, Sophie, turned 6 in May.  I found this super sweet fabric that was all about being 6 and made her a pair of Pj’s and shirt to go with.  (Are you seeing a pattern here people…Pj’s are my go to gift).  Anyway, I was talking to her mom and she said they […]

Hippity Hoppity…Easter’s on it’s way!

Last year, I offered a pair of hand made PJ’s at the girl’s school auction.  The little girl that won is a big fan of bunnies!  I used soft flannel to make the bunny and hand stitched the eyes and nose. The PJ bottoms were made of a soft flannel as well with a ruffled […]

Go Gators!

There’s really not much more to say than what was already said in the title….well, okay…I’ll elaborate in case you don’t bleed orange and blue like our family.  I saw this fun bright orange fabric in a fabric shop when I first started sewing and thought that it would be perfect to make something Gator […]

Tis’ the season…

As you will see…there is a very good reason for the lack of posts lately.  I have been creating up a storm every spare minute to get gifts to all of my favorite little people.  Here are just a few… My niece, Alyssa, is an amazing little dancer.  No really, for 9 years old she […]