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Owls are so In!

So lately it’s mustaches and owls.  Not together…that would be interesting.  Grace, my god daughter, has had another birthday…crazy…it happens every year!  I made her one of the sleepover pillow cases in the post about my girl going to camp and this cute little across the body bag.   I saw it on Pinterest and […]

Moments with Mom

I grew up in Maryland surrounded by my entire family on my Mom’s side.  And that’s saying alot…My mom is one of 8 kids and practically all of her siblings have had children as well…and then they have had kids…you get the point.  5 years ago we moved and it was quite an adjustment for […]

Have you seen my keys?!!?

I can never find my keys in my purse!  Hey!  It has nothing to do with how much of a mess I keep in there!  Take it back! 🙂  I have a fabulous purse that was fashioned after a friend of mine’s bag that I coveted.  You can see my bag here.  So for this […]

Beautiful Bags

My posts are random…I know…there’s no way you guys are gonna be able to follow my logic, so don’t even try…there is no logic…I just post what I wanna post. 🙂  Some of you may remember these bags from my facebook post I did when I finished them.  I made them for my girl’s teachers […]