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Sleep Away Camp

This was the summer that I grew up enough to let my little girl go to sleep over camp.  It was a little easier to let her go since it was through our church and it was only a partial week.  Who knew growing up could be so hard!!! Talking about me still…she was absolutely […]

Begging begets handmade birthday present

My niece turned 11 recently and while I had already purchased a birthday gift for her, she looked at me with her big brown eyes and with excitement in her voice asked if she would be getting something handmade from me…so, I caved and made a little something.  I found this easy tutorial on Pinterest […]

Did that say…zipper?

My sewing experience thus far has been all about avoiding patterns with zippers.  I’m not sure why…it just seemed daunting to me.  I would read it and see the word zipper and immediately move on.  Then I would get to the point where I would at least dream about making it anyway, but with some […]