Owls are so In!

So lately it’s mustaches and owls.  Not together…that would be interesting.  Grace, my god daughter, has had another birthday…crazy…it happens every year!  I made her one of the sleepover pillow cases in the post about my girl going to camp and this cute little across the body bag.


I saw it on Pinterest and there is a pattern you can buy to make one of your own if you go to her link.  I like to do things a little last minute and didn’t have time for a pattern process so I just drew out the shape I wanted on freezer paper and fussy cut the eyes out of a coordinating fabric I had instead of trying to make the cute eyes she has on her owl bag.  I think it’s adorable!  Especially with the corduroy fabric.  I am planning on making my daughter one as a Christmas present since she thinks owls are a “hoot” as well.  Sorry…had to go there.


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