Oh bother!

Isn’t this funny?  I think so…

I have a patient that when I describe our session or exercise we are going to do, he agrees in a very Eeyore-ish kind of way.  He’s about to graduate from PT and be on his own to maintain and further strengthen himself so I thought he might need a magnet to hang his home exercise program on his refrigerator…right where he can see it, and remind him it’s important to do his exercises!  I hope it’s cute enough to work…did I mention he is almost 90!

“Thanks.  It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it.” – Eeyore



I made this french memo board for my office out of a painter’s canvas, fabric, ribbon, buttons and a staple gun.  It came together really easy and hopefully will be perfect for holding the pictures it was designed for.  The trick is pulling the ribbon taught.  And…in case none of you have found this out for yourselves…some outdoor fabric is not friendly to a hot iron…meaning, it melted.  So lucky to have bought enough to try again.

Of mice and little men

There’s a little boy I know and love that loves mice more than anything.  His mommy found this fabulous fabric that had parachuting mice on it and I made him some pajama’s with it.  The shirt is appliquéd mice with ribbon tails.  If I had more energy/time…I would’ve tried to make one parachuting but decided to go for the easy route instead.

Begging begets handmade birthday present

My niece turned 11 recently and while I had already purchased a birthday gift for her, she looked at me with her big brown eyes and with excitement in her voice asked if she would be getting something handmade from me…so, I caved and made a little something.  I found this easy tutorial on Pinterest and made a little case that can hook onto her book bag or purse to keep her earbuds handy and untangled.  Kids these days don’t go far without their iPod and earbuds.  I think it looks adorable and was fast and easy to create so guess what will be in everyone’s stockings from me this year! 🙂

Beautiful day for the Beach

My sister makes a trip to the beach every year at least once.  I bought her a beach bag in Hawaii 8 years ago and it is finally wearing out.  So…I promised I would make her one just like it since she loved it so much.  It was daunting but it’s complete, finally.  It took me over a year to get up the nerve to figure it out and get it done but it turned out beautiful!  See for yourself!


There were a few upgrades from her Hawaiian model.  I used a vinyl covering on the base fabric and inside of the 2 zipper pockets on the front.  I also added a 3 partition pocket on the back of the bag giving the bag 8 pockets overall including the interior zip pocket.  It’s supposed to have a zipper at top closing the bag completely, but my sister said it wasn’t necessary and I didn’t argue! 🙂  I began writing the pattern down for this so if there’s any interest in making one of your own….let me know…otherwise it’s a one and only!! 🙂