Did that say…zipper?

My sewing experience thus far has been all about avoiding patterns with zippers.  I’m not sure why…it just seemed daunting to me.  I would read it and see the word zipper and immediately move on.  Then I would get to the point where I would at least dream about making it anyway, but with some modification so I wouldn’t have to do a zipper.  Finally, the day came where I didn’t shy away and instead I brought in my expert to guide me through it.  Carrie has helped me with a zipper in the past, when we made our girls easter dresses 2 years ago.  I just have never tried it on my own since and needed a refresher.  So here’s the zipper bag I made for my niece to carry her toiletries in.

I even added a fun little see through pouch to put her pony tail holders in.

I was given strict guidelines to make it long enough and deep enough to fit a toothbrush and deodorant.  She was very excited about the extra room and used it promptly on her trip to Disney last month!

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