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Our own creations

Do you remember doodling when you were a kid?  Maybe you still doodle during a meeting or while on the phone.  I used to doodle all the time…usually about my crush on a boy or my BFF!  Well, Megan has decided that this is the coolest thing lately and came up with the above doodle. […]

Kid Designed…Parent Approved

My daughter, Megan, thought that Mommy had a pretty cool new hobby when I first started doing all of this applique and wanted to make a design too.  I thought this was a great idea, so I asked her to draw me something that she would like me to help her put on a shirt. […]

2 cute!

I mean really…what is there to say about this post…what’s that saying a picture’s worth a thousand words?  I made a number “2” shirt for my cousin’s little girl, Emma, for her second birthday.  Instead of it just being a number I thought it would also serve as an appropriate description for her as well…afterall, […]