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Special Delivery

Babies…gotta love um!  They are just so soothing when they are infants aren’t they?  They sleep and are so soft and have such little tiny features that it makes you stop a minute and marvel at the miracle that they are.  There are several new babies that entered this world recently that I am either […]

Picnic anyone?

I’m not sure what your weather has been like this week…but it has been beautiful here!  Perfect for a picnic (sans pollen of course).  These napkins were actually made for a fundraiser for Megan’s classroom.  Every class was assigned a theme “basket” and the parents were to provide something for the basket.  It was then […]

t-shirts! get your t-shirts, here!

I was just saying this week how I don’t really sell stuff that I make and this is more of a show and tell site, and here I go putting something up for you all to purchase.  I’m a liar.  Just kidding. Actually, lying is definitely not in my comfort zone at all…I really am […]

Tis’ the season…

As you will see…there is a very good reason for the lack of posts lately.  I have been creating up a storm every spare minute to get gifts to all of my favorite little people.  Here are just a few… My niece, Alyssa, is an amazing little dancer.  No really, for 9 years old she […]