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I made this french memo board for my office out of a painter’s canvas, fabric, ribbon, buttons and a staple gun.  It came together really easy and hopefully will be perfect for holding the pictures it was designed for.  The trick is pulling the ribbon taught.  And…in case none of you have found this out […]

More for your house to be happy about!

Sorry for the delay between postings…it’s always a struggle at the holidays.  I either don’t have time to post or want to post but it’s a gift for someone and it has to wait!  I’ve been on a kick of making door decor for the different seasons/holidays.  Check out my new bling for my front […]

The beauty of fabric

As you already have heard…My Megan was completely selfless for her birthday this year, so I wanted to reward that behavior with something big.  Our girls decided earlier this year to switch rooms in the house…Megan wanted something a little more “art-y” and wanted me to re-paint her beach themed room and change out all […]