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t-shirts! get your t-shirts, here!

I was just saying this week how I don’t really sell stuff that I make and this is more of a show and tell site, and here I go putting something up for you all to purchase.  I’m a liar.  Just kidding. Actually, lying is definitely not in my comfort zone at all…I really am […]

Can’t get enough!

This is my cousin’s little girl, Rylie.  We sent her these Pj’s for her birthday and couldn’t resist sending some for her little sister, Raegan too! The models really show it all very well, but I thought I would show you the pics I took before I sent them. These are so light and summery…I […]

Have you seen my keys?!!?

I can never find my keys in my purse!  Hey!  It has nothing to do with how much of a mess I keep in there!  Take it back! 🙂  I have a fabulous purse that was fashioned after a friend of mine’s bag that I coveted.  You can see my bag here.  So for this […]