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Six is where it’s at

My sweet baby girl turned 6 this month…I can’t believe it.  She is so proud to be six and talks about “when I was five” like it was already ages ago!  So silly…I just love it!  Here’s my baby doll in the silly, sassy, super 6 pajamas I made for her.  (and no…you’re not crazy, […]

t-shirts! get your t-shirts, here!

I was just saying this week how I don’t really sell stuff that I make and this is more of a show and tell site, and here I go putting something up for you all to purchase.  I’m a liar.  Just kidding. Actually, lying is definitely not in my comfort zone at all…I really am […]

bon appetit

My sister has been more than patient with me and my new craft and has finally received something from 8thdaycreations.  I had great intentions of making her a new beach bag…but haven’t gotten to that yet.  I even thought of making her a pair of Pajama pants and bought the fabric and everything, but you […]

Too early to think about Easter?

Last year, I made these dresses for my girls to wear on Easter.  While they turned out cute, they weren’t my favorite project.  I get aggravated with the figuring out of how big around it needs to be to fit their chest and where the straps need to be placed so they’re not too close […]

Yummy Fabric

I thought I would tease you a little bit…if you don’t like it…too bad…gonna do it anyway! 🙂  I have been asked to make some puppy collars for my Uncle John’s litter his Golden Retriever is expecting mid October.  So not knowing how many boys and how many girls he will end up with, we […]