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Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake

You know that amazing friend that I spoke of in my previous post?  Well, Angela is quite the baker and is raising a little baker protege, Holden.  He turned 3 this month and for his birthday present I created the above apron for him complete with cookie and cupcake pockets.  Good enough to eat!  Take […]

t-shirts! get your t-shirts, here!

I was just saying this week how I don’t really sell stuff that I make and this is more of a show and tell site, and here I go putting something up for you all to purchase.  I’m a liar.  Just kidding. Actually, lying is definitely not in my comfort zone at all…I really am […]

Happy Birthday…or is it Happy Anniversary?

It’s hard to believe but it has been a year since I sewed my very first project with Carrie’s help.  I appliqued a onesie for my boss’ baby girl…and now, she’s 2!  It has been such a fun year and I have just enjoyed creating gift upon gift for friends and family.  I didn’t even […]

Spreadin’ the LOVE

For most holidays, I buy my kids a t-shirt to wear…you know the kind with a shamrock on it for St. Patrick’s day or a pumpkin for Halloween.  Well this year I decided they would have their own original Valentine’s day shirts and here is what I came up with. Left: Megan, Center: Ella, Right: […]