Do Laundry…or Go Naked

Laundry and I have a relationship where we can go a week without seeing one another and still be okay…you know, it’s not like we have to get together everyday…we don’t like each other THAT much.  I thought I might feel differently if I made the laundry room more of a “happy place”, so I painted it orange and designed a cabinet/shelf system for it.  Let me make it clear…I designed it…I did not build it.  There’s a wonderful little southern man named Tim who has the talent to turn my graph paper drawings into this:

Don’t you love it!!!  I will say…it does make me happier when I walk in there…all…day…long…on that one day of the week.  The paper towel shelf was the one part of the design I almost took out because I thought it was a waste of perfectly good cabinet space, but now that I have it, I wouldn’t change it.  The pack of paper towels fit in there so well and they don’t try to fall all over me if I take one from the stack.  Some other features are the 2 cabinets on either side of the paper towels that contain adjustable shelving for all the cleaning supplies and entertaining supplies that I don’t have room for in the kitchen.  There’s a space deep enough to hold 2 bottles of detergent and 2 bottles of softener if you’re the stocking kind, which I am.  There’s 3 cute baskets to hold my lingerie bags, stain stick/spray, etc.  There’s a rod to hang empty hangars on and a hook on the wall to hold the clothes once they have been placed on said hangars.  Of course…a shelf for the laundry baskets to sort into whites, darks, and in my house orange/pinks categories.  The long cabinets on the left are more of Tim’s design than mine and are absolutely above and beyond what I could have ever dreamed of.  He installed 2 rolling shelves in the upper cabinet since the space is so deep and he didn’t want it to be difficult for my short arms to reach to the back.  In the lower long cabinet, he installed a rolling rack with hooks to hang my broom, dust pan, swifter, shark steamer.  I just pull on it and there they are…at my disposal to take off and use.  This makes me feel like a movie star…except that a movie star wouldn’t probably ever touch a Shark steam cleaner unless they were in a commercial… or spend a whole day doing laundry.


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