More for your house to be happy about!

Sorry for the delay between postings…it’s always a struggle at the holidays.  I either don’t have time to post or want to post but it’s a gift for someone and it has to wait!  I’ve been on a kick of making door decor for the different seasons/holidays.  Check out my new bling for my front door:

This was fun to make!  I purchased a damaged frame at a local craft store (bonus was I got a discount for the damage and didn’t even need the part that was damaged!) removed the backing and then stapled the ribbon to the frame to hang my ornaments.  I hot glued the bow to the front of the frame.

Here’s another…this is my go to for the times in between holidays and a switch from having the same decoration out all season.

Michael’s craft store carried these large black plastic letters for a little while and I went nuts making these for family/friends for Christmas!  I love it!  It hangs inside on my pantry door when it isn’t adorning the front door.  I used indoor/outdoor fabric to cover a canvas then hot glued the letter in place.


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