Christmas gifts

So here are a few of the things I made on my 8th days in November and December to give to my family.

My girls have been adorning their bedroom doors with taped up pieces of paper and fabric (yes…fabric) for almost a year.  Well…Merry Christmas to me…I mean them…I made them these painted canvases with each of their initials to hang on their doors instead.  I found wood letters already painted white at a craft store and then I covered them with fabric by using Heat n Bond.  I hot glued the wooden letter to the painted canvas, stapled a ribbon to the back and Wha-la!  Their creations are now displayed on the inside of their bedroom door.

I made the girls a set of winter pj’s for Christmas also.  The pants are white with snowflakes in aqua and these are the cami’s I appliqued to go with them.

This little ribbon tree was something I expected to take no time at all but…I was wrong!  I figured that it would be simple to just turn down the ends of the ribbon and sew it to the shirt since the other sides of the ribbon would not fray and did not require any sort of reinforcing with interfacing/heat n bond.  Well…..again, I was wrong.  I ended up fusing heat n bond to each strand of ribbon and then bonded it to the shirt before reinforcing with stitching.  Don’t get me wrong…I think the end product was totally worth it…it came out adorable…it just sucked up more of my time than I anticipated, pushing other gifts further onto the back burner.  My only fret about giving this as a Christmas gift is that, it really needs to be worn in the weeks before Christmas!  Oh well!  Maybe I should make it a size bigger than the child I’m giving it to so that they have it for next year!

These little beauties are pillows for my niece’s bedroom.  She loves summer and anything to do with the beach so these words…Live…Love…Shine…are perfect for her sunny spirit!  I used my sister-in-law’s tutorial for the perfect pillow every time to get the corners to turn out not so gnome like…you know…super duper pointy like a gnome’s hat.  Here are some more close ups:


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