Cold hands…warm heart

I love this idea!  It came from a post I found on Pinterest of course!  I used scrap fleece to cut 2 hearts.  My daughters sewed a decorative button to one side then I stitched them together leaving a gap along one straight side.  The girls added uncooked rice to them and I stitched them up completely along that straight side.  Wha-la!   You can see the tag we added to the gift container in the picture but just in case some of you need glasses and are in denial…I will type it out for you.  “Cold Hands…Warm Heart.  Heat in microwave for 30 seconds to keep hands warm in your pockets for ~1hour”  The other side said: “Having you for a teacher…warms my heart”.  Teachers can put these in their pockets while they are out on the playground and keep their hands warm while the kids are at play!  Brilliant!


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