Make your house Happy it’s Halloween

How cute is this wreath?!!!  I think it’s fabulous!  I found the inspiration on…c’mon…you should know the theme by now…Pinterest!  This one came with a tutorial and you can check it out here.  I made mine a bit different in that I used a wire wreath form that I found in the floral section of my area craft store.  This allowed me to use several rows to create some depth.  I used 22 inch lengths of tulle, doubled and folded for the outer ring and then 14 inch tulle, single layer and folded in the center ring.  If you go to the link, you’ll see hers has an orange hue to it that I covet.  My store didn’t have any orange tulle and I was dying to make it like…yesterday so I just did it in all black.  My adorable children created the candy corn garnish for the windows…again…inspired by Pinterest!  I might need to join an addiction group…I’ve definitely got it bad.


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