blocks for baby


I don’t know if you all have discovered yet…but it is addictive!  In a good…no great way!  I have been perusing the boards others have created on there for crafts, recipes and DIY projects for the home and have been salivating just waiting for an “8th day” to roll around.  My dream came true when I was home with my kids for fall break.  We created these puzzle blocks for my neighbor’s baby that is coming soon this November!  I used 6 different fabrics to cover the sides of all 12 blocks to create 6 different puzzles.  It wasn’t hard to make but I think choosing the fabric was hard.  Especially for a baby boy!  I let my kids test it out and they are 8 and 6 years old and had a difficult time with some of the fabric choices I made because of the difficulty of putting the right pieces together.  That being said…choose fabric with a large pattern on it!  Or use scrapbook paper instead…my other fault with the fabric was the fibers were pulling off when I put the Mod Podge over it.  Don’t get me wrong…love the finished product…just pointers on how to make yours better than mine!






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