appreciation abounds

Making gifts for kids is definitely a favorite of mine.  It’s very rewarding for me to create something that I know I would’ve loved as a kid, but it’s even more rewarding when the recipient of my gift truly loves it too.  There was no doubt that I had hit one out of the park with the gift I just gave to my goddaughter, Grace.  She loves to draw so I fashioned a booklet of sorts that holds a sketch pad on one side and colored pencils on the other…art on the go!

We had a little party for her with chocolate cupcakes at my house this weekend and ever since she opened the gift Friday night, she has had this booklet in her hands.  Makes my heart so happy to see how much she loved it.  I’m a bit of an over achiever and typically can’t give someone just one thing so I made her an art apron as well.  It’s fashioned after the one my daughter received for her birthday from her Auntie Carrie and a tutorial on how to make your very own can be found here.  I already told you I’m a bit of an over achiever…well…I found a pack of 50 colored pencils.  I’ve never seen a pack that big!  I know crayons come in every color under the sun, but colored pencils!?!  So I added a row of pencil slots to my sister-in-law’s pattern and came up with this:

Look at all of the pretty colors…

So not only did she have her hands full with the art booklet, she was cradling this in her arms or wearing it everywhere she went…in the house, to the playset in the backyard…too cute!  Well, you judge for yourself…I think she’s a doll!

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