Christmas crafts for kids

When I was a little girl my grandmother crocheted me a winter cap ornament.  It was red and she left a tiny piece of paper inside of it that said “Christmas 1983”.  I cherish that ornament.  My grandmother passed away in April of 2009.  The Christmas before she died, I spent time with her in the hospital and crocheted a bunch of these ornaments for kids I would be giving gifts to that year.  Here’s one of the hats I gave to my daughter for our tree.

My kids love to make crafts, as I have stated numerous times before…and thank goodness they do or I wouldn’t know what to do with kids who didn’t!  Around Christmas is one of our favorite times to make crafts.  I happened to be sick one weekend and had a Pj day with my kids and we decided to cut up some fleece fabric I had in the craft room and make miniature wreath ornaments.  I was a sissy and wouldn’t give my kids the really pointy needles but they were able to muster through with the thicker pointed needle with a little perseverance .

We put a jingle bell on it to make it more fun or a bow and of course had to make some just orange and blue for our Go Gators Family!!

Last little ornament craft we made was the simplest of all.  Pipe cleaner and bead candy canes!  Ta Da!

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    I really like your little wreaths. I hope when I have kids I can also do fun crafts with them as well. I just hope those crafts will look as good as yours ^^

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