That’s a purty fish

My sweet Sarah wanted nothing more than to hold a fish for her birthday…so we had a fishing party at my sister’s house.  I cut and shaped this fish cake out of a 9×13 sheet of cake and added fruit by the foot roll up strips to make the scales.  I usually leave these kinds of cakes up to my mom…she is the master, but we were on a tight schedule and needed to get out on the boat, so it was up to me.

The kids all wore shirts that I appliqued with the fishing theme and then we went out on the boat!  Here’s the crew:

She was pretty happy with the party overall…even though we didn’t catch anything while we were out.  But when we docked the boat, Uncle Tommy caught a fish and you would’ve thought Sarah won the lottery!  Check out this girl’s grin:

She wanted to cook it up for dinner…silly Sarah.


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