They are Sewing machines…I tell you!

My daughters, age 8 and 6, have decided that sewing is soooo cool!  Finally!  Just kidding, they have always loved what Carrie and I have made them, but now they are excited enough about it to want to create on their own!  YAY!!!

I found this toy sewing machine at the toy store that I thought would be a great way to get them started…only thing about it is…it’s a piece of junk and it’s going back to the store.  It doesn’t have a bobbin thread and so everything they sew, comes right back apart.  How frustrating!!  I didn’t want the machine to squelch their thirst for sewing like my first machine did so I decided they will be learning on Grace…my baby.  It’s been kind of fun teaching them so far, which is odd for me since I don’t typically enjoy teaching my own kids…talk about frustrating!  Here are some pictures of them with their creations from their little machine and more to come once we finish their latest projects using Grace.


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  1. Mama J
    Posted 17 Aug 11 at 7:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Precious! Skills they can use for a lifetime if they want! Miss them! Can they spend the night Friday?

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