The Growing Tree

Okay you guys….how cool is this!?!  I am not one to toot my own horn and technically I’m not since this creation is partly the imagination of my creative friend, Claudia…so even though I created it…she “thinked” it up (to use language my children use).  This is the growth chart that I spoke of so so so long ago and finally made for my cousin’s little boy, Will.  You can see the “W” I made for his nursery in the post “Wait a minute…that’s not fabric!”.

So Claudia came up with the brilliant idea of making the leaves pop off of the canvas by using paper and adhesive spray.  Don’t you think it’s amazing!  It is amazing…amazingly easy!!!  Get yourself a canvas and do this for someone!  They will think you are the bomb!  Seriously.  I painted a tree on canvas and glued paper to it!  Here’s another picture to show you more detail.

And here’s the side view so you can see it “pop”!  🙂

I think there’s still a little more I would like to add to it…I’m thinking of making a paper nest to sit on the large branch near the bottom…with maybe a few speckled eggs in it.  For now though…it will do.  He’s 9 months old now and starting to stand up so it’s time to get it on the wall!  I made a flower growth chart for his sister and she’s getting so big we need to add another section of canvas (her’s is in three parts) to lengthen the stem!  When/if I make these again or if you take this on as a project, I would add a measurement guide to the side with just a few tick marks to indicate how close they are to 3 feet tall, 4 feet tall, etc.  Otherwise, I think this is a great way to decorate a kid’s room or even your hallway/entry way depending on what you paint.  Have fun growing Will!

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