The beauty of fabric

As you already have heard…My Megan was completely selfless for her birthday this year, so I wanted to reward that behavior with something big.  Our girls decided earlier this year to switch rooms in the house…Megan wanted something a little more “art-y” and wanted me to re-paint her beach themed room and change out all of the stuff in there.  Thankfully, Sarah piped in and said, “I like the beach room!  Can I sleep in there?” Ahh…less work for me, well, at least at the time.  As Megan settled into her new space I realized it needed a little something to make it her own.  I have a friend that has fabric and foam headboards in her guest room and girl’s rooms and I love them!  So I researched how to make one and found an easy to follow tutorial on SewMamaSew.  Finding the fabric was an anxiety ridden experience.  I felt like it was a huge decision to be making…I mean it was a fabric for the house…not just something that would be out for a little while and then put away…like an apron, bag or pajamas…this is out for all to see all the time!!!  ANXIETY I TELL YOU!@!?!  But finally…I found one I thought would be perfect…then it wasn’t wide enough. ugh.  I decided to be brave and make it work by telling myself I could just sew the extra inches needed to each side and it would still look lovely.  My amazing friend Angela, offered to help me create it and made the 2 hour drive to my house.  The MDF was cut at the store and brought home by my wonderful husband in his cousin Andrew’s truck.  My mother and I went to the fabric store and had the foam cut to size and purchased the fabric and quilt batting.  Angela and my dad brought the staples and staple guns.  I already had the hot glue…I had to contribute something!  And Yes, it takes a village, people! 🙂  Well, it does for me to get it done.  I originally wanted it to be tufted but aligning the flowers and the drill holes just so was going to be more of a pain than I felt it was worth.  We decided to go with button centers for the flowers instead.The last step was to drill it to the bed frame but we ended up holding off on that aspect of the project so that we could do the reveal sooner than later and it has all held up just fine without it.  The headboards in my friend’s house are mounted to the wall itself, but by my husband’s suggestion I went with the more mobile option…I like to move furniture and change up the room from time to time…well, pretty often actually.  And there you have it!  A beautiful new look for a beautiful little girl.


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