Special Delivery

Babies…gotta love um!  They are just so soothing when they are infants aren’t they?  They sleep and are so soft and have such little tiny features that it makes you stop a minute and marvel at the miracle that they are.  There are several new babies that entered this world recently that I am either related to or was invited to meet in the hospital and hold, and for those babies…well, you guessed it…I had to sew.  Now I say “had” to, but really no one made me…it’s just an urge I have now…something my body must do when there is a birthday, or event of some sort that requires a gift.  One of my absolute favorite things in life is gift giving!  I love it!  And now that I can sew gifts…it makes it even better!  So, here’s a few of my recent creations for some of God’s most recent creations that have been placed in such loving homes.

“g” is for girl…but it’s for a particular girl.  My cousin’s baby, Gracelyn.  I’ve only seen pictures but she is a beauty that deserves beautiful things…now if I could just get them in the mail before she doesn’t need them anymore!


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