This needs a little somethin’

My little girl, Sarah, has become a little…shall we say…spoiled by my recently acquired sewing skill.  She was going on a DaddyDaughter date to a baseball game this weekend and Daddy picked out a white t-shirt, shorts and baseball cap for her to wear.  Well…anything that is plain, like the white t-shirt just mentioned, is promptly brought to my attention by my little girl.  She brings it to me and says, “Mommy, can you put something on this for me?”.  Lucky for her, I had a really quick idea in my head that I was dying to do…so I ran up to the craft room and started working and was able to get it completed for her to wear in time for the game.

Don’t you just love it!  I made the straps out of ribbon and you can actually get your “toes” under them if you wanted to do that sort of thing.  Sarah says really only 2 toes would fit…I guess she tried it when I wasn’t looking!  I might have to make a couple of these this summer, so be on the lookout.  I want to doll it up a bit and maybe put a fabric flower on the strap or a sunshine.  I love summer!

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