Retro crafts

My niece had an 80’s themed party…we’re talking full on 80’s!  Neon, shirts off the shoulder, leg warmers, color spray for your hair…totally tubular, rad and not grody to the max!  During the party the guests were given several retro craft projects.

Paint splatter goodie bags that were later filled with Razzles, a rubik’s cube, and pop rocks.

Friendship pins were one of my favs from back in the day.

The girls listened to 80’s music and danced to Michael Jackson’s Wii game.  The cupcakes my cousin made were a huge hit with their cassette tape, Pac-man, 3D glasses and Rubik’s cube made out of homemade fondant.  It was a great party!  I played with the Rubik’s cube my kids got during the 5 hour drive home.  I still can’t figure it out…time to peel off the stickers! 🙂

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