Gifts for our Teachers

The end of the school year is coming this Friday for my girls.  They are so excited for the summer and all the fun they will have at Camp Gg and Camp Auntie Carrie and Camp YMCA.  Last year as a token of our appreciation for their teachers dedication and caring all year, I made the re-usable grocery bags.  This year, I went with something the girls could make.  I saw this on the front door of a girl’s house that I went to last week for my friend’s jewelry trunk show.  It was so cute I just had to go out and make my own rendition…or well, have my girls make them.

Megan’s teachers, Sra. Villafuerte and Sra. Collazo will receive the 2 above.  It is a wooden letter that so many of us have bought to hang on our children’s walls, only we hot glued silk flowers to it and a ribbon to hang it by.

The girls did a great job with the flower placement, I think.  The letter form still looks pretty true to the original font the wood was made into.

We even had to get a little sneaky and make the G’s out of an upside down/turned around C.  The store was out of G’s.  Sarah has 2 teachers with the last name beginning with G, Sra. Gonzalez and Sra. Garcia and also was taught by Sra. Bush.

They are so proud of their work and can’t wait to share it with their teachers this week!


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    I remember when I was a little girl in school wanting to make something special for my favorite teacher. I always ended up painting a picture or writing a letter. What you came up with will be something they will keep and remember for a long time.

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      Thank you so much for the comment! It was a cinch to make and I am already thinking about the one I make for myself! 🙂

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