A Rockin’ present for a rockin’ girl

My niece, Alyssa, turned 10 this year.  She told my sister that she needed me to add another ice cream scoop to the shirt I made her last year when she turned nine.  Instead, she received a new set of Pj’s and a matching pillowcase.  She loves Elvis (she’s genetically inclined to as her daddy is a huge fan of his music).  I saw this fabric at the Mill and couldn’t pass it up.  I decided if I were a kid again…I would love to have a pillow case to match my Pj’s for when I’m at a sleepover…and how cool would it be if my name were on my pillowcase too!  I might be totally off base on what is considered cool for kids these days, but I love how it all turned out.

The strings on the guitar were just a setting I used on my machine that doubles back on the stitch before making the next stitch.  I think it helped it “pop” a little from the shirt and will do nicely if she needs to play a little “air guitar”!  I just hope that it doesn’t make it itchy on the inside.  I used the same stitch to embroider her name on the pillowcase fabric.  I drew her name with a fabric pen and then stitched right over it before I folded the fabric and sewed it to the main part of the case.  I don’t know if Elvis ever played a fuschia guitar but whoever designed this fabric must’ve thought he should have!

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