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Okay, so I might be a little early with this post since next week is Mother’s day, but today is just a fitting day to post something special about my mom.  One year ago today, my mom said her last I love you to her mom.  It’s been a really hard year for her and I’m sure Mother’s day will never be the same now.  Gran lived a long life surrounded by her 8 kids who loved her, as well as her 16 grandkids and 16 great grandkids.  Having moved away from “home base” 5 years ago, I missed out on a lot of the family gatherings that were so common for our family…Sunday dinners at Gran’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners, birthday dinners, you name it and we celebrated it with food at Gran’s house.  She was quite a cook…nothing too fancy, but oh so tasty!  Thankfully, she passed down a lot of her recipes and techniques to her family and we attempt to replicate Granny’s Lemon Meringue Pie or Thanksgiving stuffing and reminisce about the times we sat around her table with her….well, she would be running around the kitchen while we sat around her table…she hardly ever sat down!  My mom reminds me so much of Granny.  She has a servant’s heart and is always in the kitchen preparing one of her most savored dishes.  I made an apron for her last year for Mother’s day.  She loves flowers and birds and aqua and yellow have been her favorite colors for ever since I can remember so here’s what I ended up with to give her.

It’s reversible!

My mom is truly a treasure.

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