Bowling for Bunnies

These little cuties were for my girls for Easter.  I intended on giving each one a face but in the end…I think they look cute faceless all the same.  The pattern came from a sewing calendar my daughter gave to her Auntie Carrie for Christmas.  You can see the bunnies Carrie made here.

The ears were supposed to be up straight,  but with my amateur sewing skills, several bunnies have ears that are crooked or just plain off to the  sides!  Character!  That’s what I was going for…yeah…I meant to do that, that’s it! 🙂

So we set um all up…just to knock um all down!

Megan used a fabric egg that Carrie made for them for Easter last year as her bowling ball.  I planned on getting a wooden ball from a craft store, but I was so sick the week before Easter that most of my plans fell through.  I guess that’s what I get for being a procrastinator!  I don’t know…I’m 36 years in…don’t think I’m going to change that now.  Most of my best creative ideas come last minute, so I embrace my procrastination and just pray for the energy to get it all done last minute!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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