Our own creations

Do you remember doodling when you were a kid?  Maybe you still doodle during a meeting or while on the phone.  I used to doodle all the time…usually about my crush on a boy or my BFF!  Well, Megan has decided that this is the coolest thing lately and came up with the above doodle.  She draws “I heart U !” in a four square format on just about any paper she gets her hands on.  I thought about how cute her previous design was and decided it was time for another.  Her sister, Sarah, even joined in and made one too (with a little color choice/fabric selection help from mom).

Megan is all about color these days!  She recently has declared a love for plaid…not sure where that came from but everything she sees that is plaid she points it out! 🙂

My little sweethearts…oh, how I love them so.


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